Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fashion Muse : Maggi Eckardt

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Like many girls, Maggi was a girl in love with fashion.More than that, she even made her own clothes.Knowing that she had the right looks, she begged her father to let her start a career in modelling.Soon, she moved to London to model Hartnell's designs.As Princess Alexandra waited in the private London salon of Norman Hartnell, Maggi Eckardt was frantically pulling on a spectacular pink tulle ball gown. Jangling with nerves, she rushed into the salon and curtsied. The princess suppressed a giggle. "I'd swiped one of the model shoes from the rack on my way in and it was all caught up in my dress," recalls Eckardt. "I was so embarrassed."She wanted to do more than that, so she went to the office of British Vogue and told them that she is the girl that they want to see.That's how she became very popular in the 60's being photographed by the well-known Richard Avenon and wearing designs from Balenciaga or Dior.Maggi bought her jewellery at Cartier and stated : "I got to see the world through the eyes of a millionaire."
One of the highlights of her career was a French Vogue cover that hit the newsstands the day she married Hutter. It was a Helmut Newton shot of her in a Courreges jacket with a squared-off Bo Peep hat. "It was a wonderful finale ... and I'd done it all in a quick number of years."
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