Friday, 3 October 2014

Girl Crush : Doina Ciobanu from The Golden Diamonds

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Why does blogger Doina Ciobanu, better known as The Golden Diamonds, deserve you attention ?

1. She always looks natural.While most girls try to impress with heavy makeup, she barely wears any and still looks so beautiful.
2.Being very young and a part of the fashion world could make some people think that she only cares about buying clothes and being a snob.But, not her.She enjoys reading a good book as much as she likes dressing up and do another photo shoot.
3.Her style is always simple,yet sophisticated.Knowing how to show some skin and still look classy is a big plus and not many girls can pull it off.
4.For someone who has appeared on magazines like Elle and Harper's Bazaar she seems really down to earth.
5.She is very close to her family and her mother is the one that takes her pictures.That proves that mother actually knows best.

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