Monday, 24 November 2014

Magic City Costumes

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I don't know how it happens, but everytime i get addicted to a tv show it gets cancelled.This time i'm talking about the 2012 drama, "Magic City", that only lasted for two seasons.The plot centered on the life of Miami mobsters in the late 1950's and featured some great actors like: Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Olga Kurylenko, Danny Huston and Kelly Lynch.The costumes on this show were fabulous!The men looked like a million bucks and the ladies were stunning.
The Wife:
Olga Kurylenko played the part of Vera Evans, the main character's wife who owned the biggest hotel in Miami Beach.Once a well-known dancer, Vera always looked impecable.Her best moment on the show was when she wore that blue long dress with amazing earrings and necklace.Another moment with her that i really liked was the one where she lied naked on her terrace.

The femme fatale:
Lily Diamond is the wife of the biggest mobster in Miami City and is played by actress Jessica Marais.Sensual and mysterious, she is like a trophy wife and the affair she has with one of the sons of the Miramar's owner makes her a true troublemaker.Although she look gorgeous in her clothes, her best moments in the tv show are when she barely wears any.The pool scene where she comes out of the water and the one where she can be seen swimming through the windows of the hotel's bar are amazing.

The Escort:
Elena Satine plays one of the women from the Miramar Playa Hotel that work as an escort.Her look is Marilyn Monroe inspired and consists in really thight dresses that look very sexy on her.She has an important role in the show's action.

The Rich Independent Woman:
Kelly Lynch plays Meg Bannock, the ex sister in-law of Ike Evans, the owner of the Miramar Playa that is in love with him.She comes from a very wealthy family and is also a bussines woman.Her style is more serious, but very elegant in the same time

Ike Evans and his boys, Danny and Stevie, are some very handsome fellas that look good in anything they wear.The show was filmed in some beautiful places, so the indoors and outdoors are spectacular!

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