Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Emily Blunt for Violet Grey by Norman Jean Roy

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Photographed by Norman Jean Roy for Violet Grey, actress Emily Blunt had the chance to be part of a fairytale as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood or Rapunzel.The Zac Posen gown she wears in the first picture below is breathtaking and worth for such a enchanting photoshoot.


“I told Jessica to find the biggest dress she could because I had this vision of running down the street in New York wearing an absurdly large ball gown. Essentially, the story line here is that Cinderella had danced all night at the ball but the prince had come on too strong. Now she’s totally over it and just wants to flee the scene.” 

Little Red Riding Hood

 “I wanted to play with the idea that maybe Little Red Riding Hood’s got a little of the wolf in her. Maybe she’s not such a damsel in distress, but rather just the opposite: There’s something predatory and even kind of masculine about her.”


“This Rapunzel isn’t in the tower singing beautifully. She’s in agony up there and is desperate to escape. She feels caged in"


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