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Fashion Muse: Mitzah Bricard,A Human Panthera

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Mitzah Bricard was a fascinating woman with a very mysterious past,because nobody actually knew where she came from.There were different rumours about her origins: some said she was a russian princess, others thought she was either from Hungary or Romania and it was supposed that her mother was english and her father was from Austria.
It was believed that Mitzah never wore lingerie, but it was clear that she had a passion for jewelry.Her quote  - When a man wants to send you flowers, say 'my florist is Cartier'" - easily proves it.

She was one of those women who had a very recognisable style as you can see from the pictures.She always wore a turban and the pearls were crucial for her outfits.She loved animal prints and she used to wear a leopard scarf wrapped around her waist.Often seen at home,Ritz or Dior she slept until 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
Mitzah Bricard,Yves Saint Laurent,Marguerite Carré in 1958
When Christian Dior came to Paris he met Mitzah, who not only became his muse,but also his chief stylist and advisorShe was officially responsible for the hat collection and had a significant part in creating Dior's "New Look".Dior credited her with the idea for his famous perfume "Miss Dior" in 1957.It was said that the designer and her were thinking about naming his next fragrance, when Dior's sister burst in the room and Mitzah exclaimed: "Ah,there's Miss Dior"!
   François Demachy has paid tribute to this lady, by creating a fragrance that bears her name: a mysterious, captivating spicy oriental perfume.
“Ms. Bricard is one of those rare people whose only reason for living is elegance”
 -Christian Dior

Christian Dior' team ( Mitzah on his right)
Inspired by her elegant style, John Galliano recreated it and paid tribute to Mitzah with the 2010 Dior Resort Fashion show.I'm no expert, but I think she would've been very proud.
In 2011, Dior introduced the Dior Mitzah Make-up Collection that was also inspired by miss Bricard.

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