Friday, 30 January 2015

Elie Saab VS. Zuhair Murad

I've been wanting to express my opinion about the correlation between the two designers, Elie Saab and Zuhair Murad, for a long time and now and i finally got the opportunity to do it.Whenever i see their latest collections, i can't help to think that their designs are just so similar.I don't know if it's either because they are both from Lebanon and share the same ideas of creativity or because one of them is just copying the other one.Somehow, the fashion world seems to be blind or maybe just avoids mentioning something about the obvious resemblence betwen these two, because i personally haven't seen any article about it and i've never heard someone that works in this industry to discuss the subject.To be completely honest, i feel like Zuhair Murad is the one that lacks originality and inspires himself too much from Elie's collections, because it's impossible for two designers to have so much in common.You don't see any other two french or italian fashion house ones to share the same ideas in most of their collections.

Elie Saab

Why am i saying that Zuhair is the one copiyng Elie, not viceversa:

In 1997  Elie was the first non italian-designer to become a member of  Camera Nazionale della Moda
and he also  showed for the first time a collection in Rome.In 1998, he started ready-to-wear in Milan
and held a fashion show in Monaco and one of the guests at the show was Princess Stéphanie of Monac herself.In 1999 he designs a $2.4 million dress for Queen Rania of Jordan's enthronement.

Queen Rania in Elie Saab at her 1999 enthronement

He finally achieved international succes when he dressed Halle Berry for the 2002 Oscar's.This not made people remember her not only for the fact that she won an Academy Award, but also for this amazing dress.

Halle Berry in Elie Saab at the 2002 Oscars

In 2003, Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture invited him to be a member and in July he presented his first haute couture collection.

Elie Saab Spring 2003 Couture

I wanted to show you the creations Elie did back in 2003 because it clearly shows that he followed the same ideas over the years using a lot of the same fabrics and embroidery, so his style remains the same and it's easy to recognise it.

Zuhair Murad

Zuhair Murad has an impressive resume as well.He opened his first atelier in 1997 in Beirut and had his first collection one the catwalks of Rome two years later than Elie, in 1999.He was also featured in the italian calendar.In 2001 presents his haute couture collection for the first time in Paris.It's true that he had the chance to create a haute couture line before Elie did, but there is one difference.His present style it's not the same as the one from 2001.It's clearly that he had a different approach back then.Unfortunately, i wasn't able to find any pictures from that collection, but if you search it on youtube you will see the fashion show.
If you are a connosseiseur of fashion, then you definetly know that everytime you see a Zuhair Murad collection you think of Elie Saab and not the other way around.Sometimes, i am pleasently suprised by Zuhair's creations that are very original but that doesn't happen very often.I just wish they stop having look-alike dresses, because they are both so talented and it's really a shame.If you have the privillege to be a part of haute couture than you have the duty to create new trends and to inspire people, so i don't think is all right when deisgners just end up copying one another.What do you think about the topic? Do you agree?
images via elle and google


  1. Totally agree, but is starting to bother me, because I love Elie Saab,and I don't like Zahair Murad. I think even sometimes he ruins Elie's designs, because Elie is sutil, has the delicacy of a flower, of a dream, of the nature; but Zahair is vulgar, to much skin, boobs, butt...takes ES's designs and make a hole in them to show everythin (something for Rihanna or JLo...)

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  3. I'm so glad you posted this! I agree 100%! I have noticed the similarities, and googled it to see if they were related, or maybe even the same designer under different names. I think their similar backgrounds is a bizarre coincidence, and I can't believe no one in the fashion world has mentioned it. I also share your preference for Elie Saab. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for bring this topic to the net. I was checking Couture Fashion 2016 and somehow notice this similarity between two designers. I was wondering if Zuhair once worked in Elie Saab's company. How come their designs are so much in common. It's not unusual designers copying each other in certain ways, but I believe a good designer should learn from each other and make the design even better than others, not just copy without thinking.

  5. Thats been bothering me too. I don't know who' copying who but it feels like Zuhair murad is copying Elie saab. Anyway, I'll always prefer Elie Saab and hope to be able to wear his dresses someday. One of the reasons wish to work really hard in life. I love you Elie Saab <3.

  6. What absolute trash who cares,really get a life.It bothers you,why dont you go to Zuhair Murad and tell him it bothers you that you think he is copying Elie Saab.