Sunday, 18 January 2015

How to: Denim on Denim

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One of the biggest trends of last year was the denim shirt that almost every woman owned.It's a very popular item that will always be in people's closets, but although it looks so cool it's sometimes difficult to wear it without appearing too western or just tasteless.The main rule is to choose jeans and shirts that are made of good fabric and that have the same (or almost) the same color.Mixing light with dark denim might look pretty good, but if you're not sure about your outfit then don't cross that line.

Altuzarra Resort 2014
Olivia Palermo

Another rule about all denim outfits is about the accessories that complete your look.For example, Beyonce and Rihanna wear gold jewelry and even Balmain advises you to do that.Try not to wear too colorful accessories because you don't want to overdo it.If you're thinking of matching your outfit with denim hats, shoes or bags, just think again.That's another line that you don't want to cross if you're not sure that you can do it.

Balmain Spring 2014
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