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Movies: Leslie Caron in Gigi(1958)

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One of  the few movies that had several nominations and one won each and every one of them at the Academy Awards, Gigi was a hit back in 1958.Although Audrey Hepburn was considered for the part of Gigi, the role eventually went to the french actress Leslie Caron.The movie is funny and romantic in the same time and eventhough it's considered to be a musical, it doesn't really have that many musical parts.The costumes were made by the famous Cecil Beaton who created the famous long white dress with black birds on the shoulders.As you can see, Gigi's wardrobe evolution begins with clothes suited for a school girl and ends with dresses especially made for a femme fatale.

on the set 
The premiere of the movie took place at the Paramount theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles,July the 10th 1958.Among the celebrities that attended the event were Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.
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