Thursday, 29 January 2015

Music Video: Aaliyah in "We Need a Resolution" (2001)

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Everyone loves a good music video and it would be a shame if Aaliyah's We need a resolution wasn't featured in this category.The video, like others from the same album, was ahead of its time.Glamorous, but with a dark touch that was very vampire-like, Aaliyah had an amazing make up, great choreography ( as usual), sexy outfits and was full of sensuality.It's a shame that such a talented, beautiful and full of charisma artist didn't get the chance to continue her carreer.She would've become huge!

I was fascinated by this scene with the snake all wrapped up around her and i love how exotic and easy it looked, like she didn't have a dangerous reptile on her.

In most of her videos, she would have a great dance and i dare to say that she was the first one that infiltrated very creative choreographies that also looked so glamorous.When she danced, she made sure you would remember her moves and maybe you'll even try them at home.

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