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Movies: Sparkle (2012) Costumes

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Although the remake rights for the movie were acquired around the year 2000, it wasn't done until 2012.The reason why it took so long it's because Whitney Houston wanted the late singer Aaliyah to play the main character but she died in 2001 in a plane crash.The movie is the remake of the one made in 1976 named the same way and it's about three sisters that become part of a group in the late 50s inspired by The Supremes.

Whitney Houston died during postproduction making this movie her last one.She hadn't appeared in a movie since 1996 in The Preacher's Wife.

The music played in the movie featured some of the original songs written by Curtis Mayfield and some new compositions by R.Kelly.In 2015, the movie will have a sequel and Jordin Sparks, Carmen Ejogo and Tika Sumpter confirmed will appear in it.Rihanna is going to be a part of it too, playng a singer that will replace Carmen Ejogo.

The costume designer was Ruth E.Carter who studied the 60's style so she could dress the girl at their best.

These babydoll dresses were inspired by the ones The Supremes wore, but they wore longer and they came in pink.Carmen Ejogo wore a fist tale sequin dress that was inspired by the one supermodel Donyale Luna used to wear.

Donyale Luna

Pacco Rabanne's poker chip dress that was modeled by Donyale Luna was the source of inspiration for these jewel dresses.
Donyale Luna, 1966

The black and white dresses were inspired by the ones fashion designer Rudy Gernreich did back in the day.Carmen's dress also had a black and white Pucci pattern, but it was too much so the costume designer chose to keep it white.

Rudy Genreich design

The black cout out dresses were the finale ones, a trend that was invented in the 60's by designers like Rudy Gernreich and Lillie Rubin.The dress Carmen wears here was completely different at the beggining, but because of the fact that this scene required a lot of movement, she felt like it was too revealing and very hard to keep it together.
Whitney Houston

In the original movie about Sparkle, she had a lot of red dresses so they thought they should introduce at leats one in this move as well.The costume designer kept looking for the perfect red dresses and even went to Valentino who is known for making one of the best red gowns.Eventually, Jordin Sparks visited an italian designer's showroom, called Marco D'Angelo, and there she found the dress she is wearing in this photo.

The dress was $10,000 and they ran out of money when they had to fix it because Jordin Sparks was curvy and it did not fit her properly.The neckline was more open than you can see in this photo, but she contacted the designer and asked him to send her some beads so she could cover the chest a little more.
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