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The Nanny (1993-1999) Costumes

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Fran Fine was working in a bridal shop owned by her boyfriend until he not only dumped her for someone else, but also fired her.She then started selling makeup products by going door to door and ended up being hired by Mr. Sheffield, a rich British widower, as a nanny for his three children.It didn't take long until she became everyone's favorite nanny because she was crazy enough, beautiful, very funny, but also had an amazing wardrobe.

Those of you who watched the show know that Fran was a huge fan of fashion and changed her outfits often.She was the lady in red when everybody else was wearing tan!Although sometimes the ensembles she used to wear seemed too wacky or too colorful, that was actually the point.Before Sex and the City or Gossip Girl, i think this show was the one to use so many clothes from the biggest fashion brands.

Gianni Versace Couture

The costume designer, Brenda Cooper, wanted to do something different with Fran's fashion style, something to be remembered and steal the attention.Her inspiration came when she saw designer's Todd Oldham collections who was also the creative consultant to Escada in the late 90s.

Escada exclusive for Saks Fifth Avenue

The truth is that no other nanny had such an amazing wardrobe like she had.Her clothes were actually very stylish, but sometimes matched in a way that was too much so they could show that Fran's style was flashy.They used a lot of Moschino, because it had a sense of humour as it still has.But that wasn't all.Designs by fashion houses like Christian Lacroix, Dolce&Gabbana, Escada, Versace, Kenzo and Bob Mackie,Norma Kamali were also used on the show.

Christian Lacroix

The costume designer also shopped from K-Mart,Neiman Marcus or Loehman's, thrift stores or garage sales.

"The prototypal “Nanny” suit consists of a bright Moschino jacket (from the Cheap and Chic collection) worn over a black spandex, mock turtleneck top and black spandex miniskirt" said costume designer, Brenda Cooper, about Fran's wardrobe.


One thing you should know about her: the nanny never wore flats!At the beggining her shoes were 4 1/2-inch pumps by Charles Jourdan, but then Brenda Cooper found copies at J.C.Penney worth $50 a pair and bought them all!Each episodes, the shoes were dyed so they could match Fran's outfits.

Bob Mackie

The blazer below was one of my favorites and nowadays Jean Paul Gaultier or Haider Ackermann reinvent it, so it's still very fashionable and a statement piece of clothing.

I'm not sure, but i think that blazer is by Gianni Versace because he used to make them like that.Here is a picture to prove it.

Balmain or Chanel usually have a blazer like the one below in their fashion shows.

Todd Oldham
Moschino suit
Moschino Cheao&Chic

The famous heart shaped bag by Moschino which they still make was worn by Fran way before you knew about it.


When she wasn't wearng one of her typical bathrobes, the nanny was all about big hair, tight clothes, a lot of animal prints and high-heeled shoes.

Sometimes she used to weat a lot of wigs.One of them is this brunette bob with bangs.I love that chinese inspired suit by the way.

The nanny wore this striped black and white dress and skirt on the show and their designs is so similar to the ones of Herve Leger.Below is a photo of Tyra Banks modelling for the autumn/winter 1993 Herve Leger show.I just wonder if the cothes actually wore from that fashion brand.

Tyra Banks

Eventhough they always made fun of her and she wasn't that much liked, C.C. Babcock who worked with Maxwell Sheffield, was very beautiful and also had a stunning wardrobe.If Fran was a little tacky from time to time, C.C.'s style was elegant,high class and timeless i might add.She usually wore tailored suits, but sometimes she appeared in some very beautiful dresses that can be easily worn nowadays too.

The black one shoulder gown with the black and green cape was one one of my favorites and it looked so good on her.

I didn't find any specific information about C.C.'s wardrobe, but i remember that she said a couple of times in the show that she was wearing Dolce&Gabbana, Adolfo Dominguez and once Abercombie&Fitch.Unofrtunately, i can found any clear pictures of C.C.'s outfits on the internet, but trust me she was a stunner.

images via google , tumblr and pinterest

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