Sunday, 22 February 2015

Weddings: Emilia Wickstead

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We're all suckers for weddings, but when a fashion designer gets married and shares a part of the pictures with the rest of the world it's even better.Who doesn't want a sneak peak from such an event?London based designer, Emilia Wickstead had the wedding of her dreams in Tuscan,Italy (apparently most famous people love to have their wedding there).

She wore a custom made dress designed by her and inspired by the Givenchy dress that Audrey Hepburn wore in the lovely movie Sabrina.What i like is the fact that she had the possibility of creating her own bridal gown.Why did i like that?Because who could possibly understand a better how you want your dress to be like than yourself and actually be able to do it?

During the day, Emilia's dress was covered with a jacket that had beautiful details on it and was especially made to go with the dress.I think that was such a great idea and it looks like she's wearing two dresses.

The dresses that her bridesmaids wore were also created by Emilia and the cool thing about them was that they were made of the same fabric, but they had different models.That way each bridesmaid had the chance of wearing an unique design and feel individual, a thing that every bride should take into consideration when dressing their maid of honors.

This is how the gown looked without the jacket that covered up the chest area.The exquisite simplicity of the dress makes it look so royal and old Hollywood inspired.

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