Wednesday, 18 March 2015

From Vienna With Love

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Some of the best memories you can create happen while travelling.You will always remember the breathtaking views, the incredible architecture, the nice people and once in a while a beautiful gown that you accidentally see through a fashion store window.I was passing by this lovely decorated place situated in the center of Vienna, when an exquisite red gown captured my attention and made me stop and stare at it.I was so mesmerised by it that i couldn't decide whether the dress was more appropriate for a debutante getting ready for being introduced to the high society or for a real princess going to a royal ball.The magic of the fairytale going through my mind was interrupted by my mother calling me back to reality.As i walked past the store, i could still hear the sound of a carriage delivering the guests and the sound of a long dress train dragged on the stairs of the palace.

photo taken by me in Vienna,2011

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