Monday, 16 March 2015

Must Have: Brooches

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There are certain accessories that will never go out of style and have the ability to add a little extra glamour to your outfit.The brooch is a timeless statement piece that many women underestimate either because they believe it's useless or because they think it's something that only their mothers or grandmothers would wear.My intention is to proove to you that the brooch is a must have and to show you the many ways to wear one.

The most common and popular way to wear it is by attaching it on one of your blazers, trenches, sweaters or jackets.The Chanel brooch always looks great on those tweed blazers and i already have a post about how to accessorize that one in particular.Here are some ways of wearing different types of brooches.

You can wear an oversized brooch like the one from Givenchy showcased by Kim Kardashian or just one in a regular size.

You can also add multiple brooches that come in different style and shapes like in the picture above.It will make your coat look unique and glamorous.Of course that if you think this idea is too daring, you can just add a few brooches on only one side of your blazer like in the photo below.

A brooch will also look sensational on one of your scarfs or fur collars.If Audrey thought it was a good idea, it's definetly worth a try.

Audrey Hepburn
Ted Baker fur collar

Headpieces become fabulous with an accessory like that.Hats, turbans or headbands will look luxurious with a brooch.

Ophelie Hats
River Island turban
Knitted headband

If you own handbags with a fabric that allows you to pin a brooch to them, then you should try this idea.

A really cool idea is to accessorize your jeans with brooches like the ones from this issue of Elle Brazil.I have a separate article about this topic too.

Elle Brazil

When it comes to jumpsuits and dresses in combination with brooches, Atlantic Pacific blogger and italian brand Dolce&Gabbana have some suggestions for us.

Atlantic Pacific
Dolce&Gabbana Fall 2015

A regular belt can become extremely elegant with just a few brooches.

Eva Mendes
images via pinterest and google

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