Saturday, 21 March 2015

North West VS. Aila Wang

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Two adorable little girls.One black outfit.Black and fur is what Aila and North have in common.Kim and Kanye's daughter, North West, is known for wearing mostly all black outfits but she isn't the one that initiated this trend.Street style has at least one girl dressed in black every year.Morticia Addams once said that black is such a happy color and probably she would agree with the black colored looks on little children.

Aila Wang in 2011

The truth is that the one responsible for this style is Alexander Wang's niece, Aila Wang.The adorable girl is rocking black since she was born.In 2011 she was spotted wearing the outfit from the picture above and in 2015 North West wore a similar one.It seems like Aila is quite an inspiration for North.

North West in 2015
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