Monday, 27 April 2015

How To:Sticker Decorated Handbag

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Stickers are cool no matter what age you are and designer Anya Hindmarch created an awesome trend by applying them on handbags.I liked this creative idea so much that i even decided to do something similar, because it's always fun to try new things.
Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2014 [Courtesy Photo]
Anya Hindmarch RTW Spring 2014 

During the holidays i recieved this Sephora nail kit from one of my friends that also included a set of different shapes of stickers.Unfortunately, they didn't stick to the nail polish vey well and i kept losing them, but  after seeing the handbag above i thought that i should do the same thing with one of my bags.
Sephora Party Nail Kit

The stickers are smaller than the ones used by Anya Hindmarch, but they still look pretty good.What do you think?

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