Monday, 29 June 2015

To "wedding" or not to"wedding"

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When i was in kindergarden, i was asked what i wanted to be when i grew up.My answer?I wanted to be a bride.While i don't remember this story, my aunt recently shared it with me.To be honest, i didn't expect that   reaction from me and i would've imagined that i wished to become an actress since i loved movies so much, but also because now i'm not that type of girl that thinks too much about marriage.Then i remembered that at that time i had a beautiful doll dressed in a fabulous wedding gown and all i wanted was to look like her one day.I do remember that i actually took the doll to the Christmas festivity and it instantly became the star of the show because every girl wanted to hold her and told their parents that they wanted to have one just like mine.
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The truth is that most women start thinking about their big day from a very young age.Since we are children, in our eyes the big day is not about gettting an important job, getting a promotion or being the best at something.The big day equals getting married.While it's nothing wrong with that and it's a wonderful thing to do if you love someone and you are ready to start a family, i feel like people should stop putting that kind of pressure on little girls and let them dream a little bigger.
My parents were never the kind that talked about marriage like it's the ultimate thing for a girl to do and never pressured me about it.The problem is when you constantly hear other people ( who come in a large number) saying to girls that are about 19-20 that the next big step is to get a husband.They try to fix them up because everyone has boys, nephews, neighbours or cousins that are single.When they ask them if they have a boyfriend and they say no, they look at them with pitty saying: "Don't worry, you'll find one".And what happens when the girls don't like none of the boys that they're introduced to or they simply say that they're good on their own?Of course, they too picky and nothing is good enough for them!
And then there are the women that reach a certain age and when i say "certain age" i mean over 24-25 and are still single.If they already are over 30 and don't have a ring on their finger  is considered as a tragedy for most people.They might win a Nobel prize and they wouldn't care that much:"Yes, it's a great achievement, but the poor girl is single".
Just because you are a girl, it doesn't mean that you should only be married, cooking and taking care of the children.You can do all of these things one day, after you do whatever you want to do for yourself first.You should live a little before you make such an important step and you should be mature enough to start a family.
Being single might be a little sad sometimes, but it's not as sad as being married to someone just because you had to or everyone was doing it and you wanted to be a part of the trend.Like it or not, that's why most girls get married.After all the excitement for the wedding preparations and the actual wedding day, there is nothing much left if the reason you got into this was only because you thought it was the right thing to do.
You can get married at 20 or at 40, it doesn't really matter.All you have to do is to be sure about it and to be in love.But love likes to give us a hard time because it's not easy to find it or to stick to it.It comes at the right time, not when we want it to come.So, work on your future and make sure to check for the love signs once in a while because you wouldn't want to miss them.
Spread your wings,girls!

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