Friday, 4 November 2016

Weddings: "Not Your Usual Guest" Dress Code

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 Ah, weddings! Like them or not, they're not only a lot of fun (or at least they should be) but also a great opportunity for us women to dress up in fabulous clothes! Of course that nobody wants to overshine the bride, but is it really our fault if that happens? We don't think about every single detail of our party look for nothing.Either we slay, or keep trying!
 In order to be (one of) the best dressed guest(s) you have to be very careful about the choices you make.The main rule is that you must feel good in whatever you're wearing and rock it with confidence.Don't follow trends too much, because there's a chance that what is hot right now will soon be unfashionable.It's really not cool to wear something because everyone else is wearing it.I know that you can do better than that!Plus it's such a good feeling to know that you're considered original.
 Putting on dresses is not only an exciting feeling, but also the main choice of most women.If you dare to defy them and want to stand out from the crowd, i have prepared some outfit suggestions that will make you look unforgettable.


Have you ever thought of skirts as a life saver? Especially for formal occasions, because most dresses can't be worn in many ways but a skirt can create several outfits.

Take a look at this glamorous skirt by Alberta Ferretti for Spring 2017.I love the multiple belts, but i know that maybe for some of you they will seem a little too much.Also, of you don't believe that a crop top is appropriate or you just don't think that you can pull it off, a shirt, an embellished top or any other top at your choice will be just fine.

A skirt that is without a doubt a must have is the simple black one.If you're more the classic type, then you can choose to wear it with a plain white shirt, add a brooch and a black pair of shoes and your outfit will be timeless.

Since it's so easy to wear it, the top can consist of anything you want.For example, look how drop dead gorgeus is this look by Tom Ford!The sequin tunic is just iconic!

Don't forget about the feather skirt.I personally love it and i don't understand why it's not that popular in women's wardrobes.

Who doesn't love a tille skort?Thank God for ballerinas, because the tutus get us out of many troubles.Cute, but also very elegant.

If in desperate need to sparkle, a sequin skirt is always a solution!

Fringes are not only in style, but they're also super fun.Don't forget to shake those fringes when you take photos!
2.The Power Suit

Have no fear in competing with men when it comes to suits.You can still look feminin and elegant in a blazer and a pair of trousers.The trick is to pay attention to the fabric of the suit and to accessorize it properly.
Don't be afraid to try bold colors or floral patterns and, last but not least, animal prints!

Your attiude is very important when wearing a suit, so you must act like a boss lady!

3.The Jumpsuit

The last suggestion i have for you is the jumpsuit.Not only that is sexy, but if it has wide legs then it will give the illusion that you're actually wearing a dress.

Another cool thing about them is that they show your curves.Who said that only dresses could to that?

So next time you see a fab jumpsuit in stores, buy it! 

Either these outfits represent your style or not, you have to admit that they're eye-catching and ultra glam.Let me know if you're going to try one (or tell me if you already did) and also share your own ideas in the comment section below. 
The Modern Duchess

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